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Advertise the right way,

to the right people,
at the right time.


Everyone loves Fine Art. People who watch the Broadcast Gallery are clearly the affluent sector of the market. They are engaged in the broadcast and are enjoying themselves. At each of our exclusive venues is a gorgeous large smart screen monitor kiosk, which play our fine art broadcast. The broadcast is a beautiful and elegant (15 second) slideshow presentation of masterpieces of all styles and price points, that are for sale. Discreetly placed between slides, are what we call "Elegant Ads". which show once every 1-5 minutes, depending upon the venues selection. Place your brand or advertisement in front of upscale, upper-income patrons, in public view. Advertise the right way (a broadcast so enjoyable they can't ignore it), to the right people (the affluent), at the right time 

while relaxed and enjoying themselves.